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HMA Fire Testimonial | Jeff Chambers

JEFF CHAMBERS I have been looking at and studying the HMA Ultra High Pressure (UHP) fire suppression systems for about 7 years, and have been impressed with the science and the technology of the system. I was asked to help with a project at work in the Biomass industry concerning baled corn stover fires at corn stover storage sites in Iowa.  My concerns with these types of fires are smoke, heat, and ember generation.  We conducted several burn tests of stacked corn stover bales at a national testing lab to obtain some [...]

HMA Fire Testimonial | City of Nevada, Iowa

CITY OF NEVADA, IOWA I was an absolute skeptic until I fought a hallway and room fire using Ultra High Pressure. I am convinced this is a better use of tax payer resources at a fraction of the cost of some of our larger apparatus. My goal is to avoid that time it takes for an engine to sit on the front pad filling a cab with six firefighters while a home is burning. A rapid response and quick water even if it's from the back yard of a home fire will keep emergencies [...]

Structure And Wildland Testing By Veteran Hot Shot Crew

STRUCTURE AND WILDLAND TESTING BY VETERAN HOT SHOT CREW Nocona Cook Fire Chief Cordell, Oklahoma To whom it may concern:   After many hours of research, talking with other departments and with HMA fire personnel, the Cloud Chief Fire Department purchased a HMA UHP system in 2011. We felt that a UHP system would be the most universal and beneficial system for our department and boy were we right. We are a small rural department in western Oklahoma with very limited resources. Another problem we have is the distance between our water sources [...]

Observations Of Ultra High Pressure In The Structural & Wildland Firefighting Environment

OBSERVATIONS OF ULTRA HIGH PRESSURE IN THE STRUCTURAL & WILDLAND FIREFIGHTING ENVIROMENT DEVIN MISIEWICZ, CAPTAIN, VANDENBERG FD SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, CA OBSERVATIONS OF ULTRA HIGH PRESSURE IN THE STRUCTURAL & WILDLAND FIREFIGHTING ENVIRONMENT The following are observations made by Devin Misiewicz and do not express endorsement or approval of any products or services by the United States Government, the United States Air Force, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Vandenberg Fire Department (VFD) or any other agency not specifically listed. Devin Misiewicz is a Fire Officer of twenty years with proven success in [...]

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