Ultra High Pressure
Fire Supression

HMA Fire T6 Helps Military Put the Pressure on Wildland Fires · Ft. Leonard Wood Fire Deparment

HMA Fire T6 Helps Military Put the Pressure on Wildland Fires

Jeff Sukalski, retired fire chief: 

"The HMA firefighting unit we tested at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri is a superb piece of equipment. We've used the ultra-high pressure unit mounted on a Polaris ATV on seven wild land fires of varied sizes. In November of 2010, we responded to a 3,000-acre wild land fire with this unit, using it for three days with no problems. It enabled us to get our firefighters more than a mile into a fire area they couldn't reach otherwise because of distance and rough terrain.

"The firefighting unit using the HMA Fire ultra-high pressure pump have outperformed two ATV units using Wildland gas engine driven pumps. The ultra-high pressure pump extinguished tree fires from 30 to 60 feet in height. And ground cover fires were exinguished very quickly. The Polaris ATV climbed 1,OOO-foot hills in some of the roughest terrain with no problems. Our two other ATVs, a John Deere and a Land Pride, were far outperformed. And the ultra-high pressure unit uses very little water compared to other units.

"The firefighters here at Fort Leonard Wood are amazed by the performance and firefighting capability of the Polaris and the ultra-high pressure unit. The firefighters' comments were, 'this is an awesome piece of equipment.' The unit required additional training because the attack mode and method of application are slightly different. We also found it to be maintenance friendly for firefighters and maintenance personnel."

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