Ultra High Pressure
Fire Supression

T6 Ranger UTV ERV

See the T6 in action
You won't believe it's a T6
Andrews Joint Base Units ready to service
T6 with front ground effect sweeps!
T4 with 80 gallons water, 12 gallons foam, pumping at 20 gpm, 1400 psi

T6 Ranger UTV ERV

HMA Fire’s T6 Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV), armed with our Hydrus™ UHP system, is designed to be scalable and travel light on platforms such as the HMA-preferred Polaris Ranger 6x6 UTV.

The T6 has been exhaustively field tested and validated by certified military and municipal firefighters for wildland, WUI, car and engine fuel, first response, structural, parking structures and ARFF.

Customize Your Firefighting Effectiveness

The T6 can be configured to meet the demands of the environment and mission. It's available with:

Fire Suppression System



Put out big fire with this little machine!!!