Ultra High Pressure
Fire Supression

HYDRUS™ Mobile UHP Skid Units

Simple to use!!!
Hydrus UTV 10 skid unit for a Humvee!

Turn Any Vehicle Into a Fire Attack System

HMA Fire's mobile ultra-high pressure (UHP) HYDRUS® skid units have revolutionized initial firefighting response. Because they can rapidly extinguish fires with  1/10 the suppressant of low pressure apparatus, HMA Fire HYDRUS skid units can turn virtually any vehicle or platform into an attack system for structural, forest, wildland, grass, fuel or vehicle fires.

Each self-contained unit includes HMA Fire’s state-of-the-art UHP handline nozzle with brass high-pressure inserts to deliver 20 gpm of premixed water and foam at 1400 psi. In tests at Tyndall Air Force Base, this system demonstrated its superior performance by extinguishing 380 gallons of JP-8 fuel over 3,500 square feet in just 32 seconds—using only 13 gallons of suppressant.

HMA Fire’s mobile UHP HYDRUS skid units can be integrated onto any fire apparatus platform including ATVs, 4x4s, brush trucks, mini-pumpers and military vehicles. Options include:

We also offer an integrated skid unit on a Polaris Ranger 6x6, our T6 and a 4x4 version known as the T4.

Fire Suppression System