Ultra High Pressure
Fire Supression

 Go Where the Fire Is

Whether you’re headed for a fire in close quarters like a vehicle engine compartment, an off-road wildland fire or a structural fire, HMA Fire technology lets you go where the fire is.

Get There First

UHP technology is fully operational within seconds. This puts you at the site and in control of the fire sooner. 

Do More with Fewer People

Reduce Waste

UHP: The Facts

Ultra Efficient

With UHP systems, 90 percent of the water goes directly on the fire. The rest converts to steam that fills the room, removing oxygen and cooling the air. When using low-pressure pumps, only 10 to 20 percent of the water actually reaches the fire. The rest is wasted.

Fast decrease in temps

Testing has shown that using ultra high pressure fire suppression and proper attack patterns, upper-layer room temperatures can be decreased by more than 1,000 degrees F in seconds.

Improved visibility and safety

Our UHP systems have exceptional positive-pressure ventilation capabilities. Visibility and safety are improved, because the smoke quickly dissipates.

Uses less water

In most instances, fire affects only a small portion of a structure. Water and smoke are responsible for the greatest damage. UHP fire suppression uses considerably less water, most of which evaporates, leaving significantly less damage.