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HMA Fire Expands Engineering Capabilities
HMA Fire is proud to announce an improvement in our engineering capabilities. To expand our breadth and depth in meeting the needs of our customers Ė both in product capabilities and in product fulfillment, HMA Fire is now teaming with our parent company ORBITEC to expand our engineering talents and responsiveness. ORBITECís main business focus include cutting edge space propulsion systems and life support systems with extensive capabilities in mechanical, electrical, and software systems with an extensive priority on quality. An experienced, diverse team of engineering and technical support at ORBITEC will help to further enhance HMA Fireís position as the leader in the development and production of ultra-high pressure fire suppression systems. If you have any questions regarding this improvement, please contact Bill Carroll at

Summer Delivery to the Bureau of Land Management
HMA Fire recently delivered two Hydrus Essential Basic customized units to the BLM in Montana. The Hydrus Essential series is a ultra-high pressure skid unit designed to fit into the back of a UTV. The two units delivered were custom designed to fit in the back of a Polaris Ranger 400 4x4. The system features 10 gpm at 1400 psi pump, a Honda 12 HP engine, 50 gallon UPF tank,75 feet of 0.5Ē hydraulic hose with a 3000 psi working pressure, an Elkhart customized UHP pistol grip nozzle. The system is designed for the budgeted minded department that wants the option of removing the system for winter use of the UTV.



U.S. Navy to use HMA Fire Skid Unit
This HMA Fire skid unit will be fitted into a Ford F550 extended cab with a utility body manufactured by Pierce Manufacturing in Bradenton, Florida. Ultimately this vehicle will be used by the U.S. Navy to fight brush and wildland fires in and around U.S. naval bases.

HMA Fire Hydrus P270F
Shipped to the U.S. Navy, May 2012

Pump: HMA Model 40113 Piston Plunger pump, 20 gpm at 1450 psi at the pump
Motor: Honda GX630 air cooled 4-stroke OHV, 20.8 HP @3,600 rpm
Tank: UFP baffled 270 gal water, 30 gal foam
Nozzle: Elkhart UHP pistol grip nozzle, 20 gpm at 1200 psi
Hose Reel: Hannay low-profile UHP reel, with electric rewind
Hose: 150 ft Parker Tough Coat triple-coated UHP hydraulic hose with 5,000 psi burst pressure
Foam system: HMA Venturi foam system with setting from 0.5% to 6%

HMA Fire is the industry leader in ultra-high pressure systems, ranging from 10 gpm to 110 gpm at 1450 psi.
For HMA Fire ultra-high pressure is not a hobby, it's our business.

Visit our site at to learn more about how HMA Fire can meet your fire suppression needs.

Navy take delivery of Two (2) HMA Fire T6ô units

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HMA Fire Delivers Hydrus Droplet Unit to E-ONE
HMA Fire delivered a Hydrus Droplet unit to E-ONE for installation in an Custom Industrial Pumper/Tanker apparatus destined for the Middle East. The unit was custom designed to fit in the rear compartment of the pumper/tanker body on the officer side, with the hose reel located in the rear compartment on the driver side. The Hydrus Droplet unit has a 20 gpm at 1400 psi pump, powered by a Honda GX630 20 HP engine. The system also featured HMAís venturi foam system, with settings from 0.5% to 6%. The Hydrus Droplet system is connected to the apparatusís main water and foam tanks. The hose reel provide was Hannay low profile hose reel with electric rewind and 150í of 3000 psi working pressure hose and an Elkhart UHP pistol grip nozzle.



Mexico Delivery a Huge Success
HMA Fire delivered ten (10) HydrusôP150F skid units to various departments in Mexico through a grant from the US government.

Each unit has a triplex piston plunger pump the runs at 20 gpm, 1400 psi. The pump is powered by a Honda GX630 20 HP engine and has been certified by our Honda distributor, Engine Power, for the application. The system features the HMA exclusive low water auto-shutdown system, 150 of hose rated at 2000 psi working pressure, 6000 psi burst pressure. We utilized a Hannay low profile hose reel with electric rewind and an Elkhart ultra-high pressure pistol grip nozzle that has a straight steam, fog and flush setting. The system has a baffled 150 gallon water tank with a 12 gallon integrated foam cell made by United Plastic Fabricator with limited lifetime warranty.




HMA Ultra-High Pressure Systems Suppress Fires in Seconds
Through NASAís SBIR program, Orbital Technologies Corporation, or ORBITEC, developed vortex combustion technology representing a new approach to rocket engine design. ORBITECís NASA work led to advancements in fire suppression systems by the companyís subsidiary, HMA Fire.
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HMA Fire is Seeking Additional Investment as a Spin-Off
HMA Fire is seeking additional investment as a spin-off to support the growth of HMA Fire beyond its ORBITEC heritage. ORBITEC is excited to announce the maturation of HMA Fire as a spin-off company. The products have proven value, validated by significant testing with the US military and other tests with municipal fire departments. Sales continue to grow in military and civilian market sectors. ORBITEC will continue to support continuous development of technology advancements and applications with HMA Fire.

Please contact Tom Crabb at ORBITEC with any investment interest:

Thomas M. Crabb
phone: (608) 827-5000
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HMA T6 For Indian River Volunteer Fire Company
The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company in Millsboro, DE has posted pictures of their new HMA T6 in use fighting a grass fire. [ see more photos ]

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Winstead's Fire Equipment Sells Their First HMA Unit
Winstead's Fire Equipment LogoIt is with great pleasure we announce that Winsteadís Fire Equipment has sold their first HMA ultra-high pressure foam units. The UHP suppression systems require 1/3 to 1/10 less water and foam supply than a traditional fire fighting vehicle and eradicate fires in a fraction of the time.

The Mill Creek Fire Company has just placed an order for a Hydrus Mobile UHP, 200 gallon skid unit. A three to four week delivery is expected.

The Indian River Fire Company has purchased a HMA T6. This unit is mounted on a Polaris Ranger 6x6 UTV. The unit features a Triplex Plunger Pump with constant output from 18-22 GPM, 100/10 poly tank and booster reel with 150í UPH booster hose and nozzle. The Fire Company took delivery of their new T6 last week. Winsteadís Fire Equipment operates the largest fire apparatus sales and service center on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. In addition to the new service center Winsteadís operates four full time service vehicles providing road service in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

Winsteadís Fire Equipment also represents Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Bluegrass Fire Apparatus and Demers Ambulances. Winsteadís also specializes in custom brush truck and command vehicle conversions.

ORBITEC President Tom Crabb Interviewed by In Business Magazine
In Business Magazine conducted a video interview with ORBITEC President Tom Crabb about the past, present and future of the company. [ view video ]

HMA Fire Delivers Custom P200 Hydrus Skid Unit
Pictured below is a custom P200-F Hydrus Skid Unit which shipped to the Columbus, Texas VFD. It has a dual-hose system that can divert water to either a whip line or the 150' hose reel line, with a custom-designed control panel. [ read The Colorado County Citizen newspaper article ]
P200-F Hydrus Skid Unit

P200-F Hydrus Skid Unit

UHP Firefighting: A Dramatic Leap To Ultra High Pressure
Fire Apparatus Magazine, April 2011
"... two decades after the last John Bean pump was made, high-pressure firefighting has re-emerged in North America in the more dramatic form of an ultra-high-pressure (UHP) system ... "
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HMA Fire Ships Custom P200 Hydrus Skid Unit
Pictured below is a custom P200 Hydrus Skid Unit which shipped to the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada.
Custom P200 Hydrus Skid Unit

Custom P200 Hydrus Skid Unit

HMA Fire in Aviation Fire Journal
Read the Aviation Fire Journal article: Rocket Science for Firefighters: Mojave Air and Spaceport's Ultra-High Pressure Rescue Truck.

HMA Fire Ships T4 to U.S. Navy
After shipping fourteen T4 units with diesel engines and extended beds to the U.S. Army for use in Afghanistan, HMA Fire also got to ship four more T4 units to the U.S. Navy for use in Bahrain.

Hydrus UHP System for Columbus Volunteer Fire Department
HMA Fire welcomes the Columbus Volunteer Fire Department in Columbus, TX to the family with their investment in a customized Hydrus ultra-high pressure fire suppression system with a 200-gallon tank.

HMA Fire Adds Industry Professional to Key Role
Complementing its ever-growing product reach and depth, HMA Fire has added a fire industry professional to assume a key role within the HMA Fire organization.

Bill Carroll assumes the role of General Manager, HMA Fire. Bill will be responsible for all aspects of HMA Fire, including engineering, production, marketing and sales. Billís experience in the fire industry includes tours at E-ONE, Saulsbury Fire and Superior Fire in the areas of General Manager and Product Management. Bill holds a degree in mechanical engineering and has been in the fire industry since 2002.

Please welcome Bill as he works with the existing HMA Fire team to further promote ultra-high pressure fire suppression to the commerical and military fire industry in North American and worldwide.

HMA Fire Ships T4 to U.S. Army
Pictured below is fourteen T4 units with diesel engines and extended beds (and the proud HMA Fire crew) which are being shipped to the U.S. Army for use in Afghanistan.
Fourteen T4 Units for U.S. Army

Hydrus Test Exceeds Performance of CAFS
The National Fire Laboratory outside Ottawa, ON tested the Hydrus ultra-high pressure fire suppression system on December 7, 2010 to evaluate its effectiveness against CAFS and high-expansion foam.

The results: The Hydrus exceeded the performance of CAFS by completely knocking down two (2) fully-involved 10x12 room-and-contents fires (where the temperature reached beyond 1,500 degrees F) in just 17 seconds using only five gallons of water.

HMA would like to thank the staff of the laboratory, Canadaís Department of National Defense and firefighters from the Gatineau and Montreal fire departments for taking part in the testing.

Test Burns with the Bureau of Land Management
HMA Fire is conducting test burns this week with the Bureau of Land Managament at Mt. Hood in Washington, using the T6 and the Proteus 3.

Hydrus Skid Unit for Green Isle, MN Fire Department
The Green Isle, MN Fire Department poses with their new brush truck complete with Hydrus Skid Unit
Green Isle Fire Department

UItra-High-Pressure Technology Improves Firefighting Capabilities
Fire Apparatus Magazine, September 2010
"Is it a fancy pressure washer or the ultimate new firefighting technology? Thatís the latest question manufacturers of ultra-high-pressure (UHP) firefighting systems are getting at tradeshows ... "
[ read more ]

Delivery For Ellsworth AFB
A T4 with optional all-terrain track system delivered to Ellsworth Air Force Base in July, 2010.

New Hydrus™ Skid Unit vs. Vehicle Fire
from Jason Scheel, Fire Chief
La Vernia Volunteer Fire Department

"La Vernia VFD was dispatched to a vehicle fire in the 100 Blk of Oak Hill Rd on 07-05-2010. Upon making location a 2004 Honda was involved. Fire was contained to the engine compartment with the help of a new ultra-high pressure Hydrus™ skid unit from HMA Fire, that was delivered in June. All occupants exited the vehicle without injury. The fire was caused by a possible short in the vehicle electrical system. Damages estimated at $15,000."
La Vernia Vehicle Fire

Highly Mobile Minis: HMA Fire Apparatus debuts 4 prototypes
Fire Rescue Magazine, August 31 2009
"A new fire apparatus manufacturer has emerged with four new products for the fire service industry. HMA Fire Apparatus, based in Madison, Wis., is an up-and-coming fire apparatus and equipment company thatís definitely worth keeping an eye on ... " [ read more ]

T6 Debut
Introducing HMA Fire's First Response Expeditionary (FRE) vehicle, the T6. The T6 made its debut at the Fire-Rescue International August 14-16, 2008. View our products page for specifications.
L1 Testing at Tyndall Air Force Base

L3 Demonstration at DoD Fire Conference
HMA Fire attended and demonstrated its new "L3" UHP firefighting vehicle and technology at the 2007 DoD Fire Conference August 18-23, 2007, in Atlanta, GA. The response to our vehicle debut and demonstration was tremendous.
L3 Demonstration at DoD Fire Conference

Suppression System Testing
Initial testing of our suppression systems has been completed with great success. Additional testing at Tyndall Air Force Base occurred throughout September and October 2007, with additional demonstrations and testing for other USAF bases in December 2007 and January 2008.
Initital Fire Suppression Systems Testing

"Iím telling you UHP sucked the life out of the fire and did it faster than anything Iíve ever seen before."
Devin Misiewicz - Captain, Vandenberg FD, Santa Barbara County, California

"More compact systems allow firefighting to reach where traditional trucks cannot go. Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri received a UHP system on a Polaris Ranger in May, just in time to respond to a train derailment. It was the only vehicle with firefighting capability that could reach the scene."
Fire Apparatus Magazine article

"All of these powerful little units can extinguish a lot of fire in a short period of time, with one-third the amount of suppressant used."
Firefighter Nation article