Ultra High Pressure
Fire Supression

HMA Fire was founded because we discovered a better way to fight fires with less costly systems

Our Foundation: Technology Research and Development

Working with NASA, our original parent company, Orbital Technologies Corporation, developed propulsion systems that blast spacecraft beyond the stratosphere and formulated propellants that fuel them.

In the process, we understand control of high pressure fluid flows through nozzles dealing with extremely high temperatures and rapid cooling. As we matured these technologies for the space industry, it became obvious that they had a more down-to-earth (but no less awe inspiring) application for firefighters.

Applying Technology to Fighting Fires

This led to more than a decade of research, with HMA Fire engineers working side by side with scientists at the AFRL Fire Research Laboratory at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida. This extensive research and development effort led to the creation of ultra-high pressure technology for fighting fires.

Gaining Real-World Counsel and Testing by Firefighters

Frontline firefighters like you brought their expertise to the development of HMA UHP technology and products. And HMA Fire apparatus have been field-tested on real-life structural, engine, fuel and wildland fires by firefighting pros.

HMA Fire Today

From our headquarters in Fall River, Wisconsin, HMA Fire continues to be at the forefront of developing technologies and apparatus that make fighting fires faster and safer. Our current focus is on the introduction of apparatus that integrate with every vehicle, every platform. Isn’t it time for you to put HMA’s UHP technology to work for your firefighting crew?


HMA Fire - Middleton House Burn Transitional and Interior attack with times from HMA Fire on Vimeo.