Ultra High Pressure
Fire Supression

Faster. Safer. More Efficient.

Based on years of collaboration with NASA and the Air Force Research Laboratory Fire Research Group, HMA Fire has emerged as a leader in the development of firefighting technology for the 21st Century. Our ultra-high pressure (UHP), high-mobility fire apparatus outperform traditional low-pressure systems in fighting structural, wildland and fuel fires.

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HMA Fire UHP Systems—
When the Heat Is On

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When the Heat Is On

Every fire you confront is different. And despite the best preparation, there are always unknowns. You enter a building without knowing the structure or who may be in it. You’re engulfed by toxic smoke. Everything is superheated. Walls and ceilings can collapse.

Put the Pressure On

That's why, when you arrive at a fire—any kind of fire—you need to be confident that you’re backed by the best equipment for the job. Equipment you can count on for powerful performance. Equipment that puts fires out faster and more safely than ever before possible. When the pressure’s on, you want to be armed with ultra-high pressure (UHP) systems from HMA Fire.

Pressure Out-Pumps Volume

At 20 gpm, our UHP systems use up to one third less water and foam than traditional pumpers. When put to the test, the HMA Fire UHP has proven, time and again, that it will put out 80 percent of fires before a standard pumper even reaches the scene.

But don’t just take our word for it. Schedule a demonstration or request information and see what the power of UHP—and the confidence of being armed with the most effective tools for the job—feels like in your hands.